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Developing Windows application with the Microsoft Band SDK

Learn how to write a Windows Universal App that integrates with the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Band 2. The video demonstrates a two-player jumping jack game that uses the Microsoft Band SDK. It shows how to connect to a Band, send haptics to alert the user, connect to sensors as a means of scoring players, send a tile to the player's band to track scores, and send game results to the player's game tile on their band.

Writing web tiles for Microsoft Band

Learn how to write a web tile for the Microsoft Band. A web tile is the easiest way to create your own informational tile on the Microsoft Band that works across Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This video shows how to use the web-based editor to find a data source, such as RSS, ATOM, XML or JSON feed, and turn it into a web tile within minutes.

Writing web applications with Microsoft Health APIs

Wearables are everywhere nowadays, and people are trying to become healthier by using them. The Microsoft Band has been collecting fitness and health data from its users and now third-party developers can get access to information through the Microsoft Health API. In this video, you will learn about the Microsoft Health API, how to request permissions from your users to get access to their data and how to create simple web apps that take advantage of the data stored in the Microsoft Health Cloud.

Using the Microsoft Band with Windows 10 Background Events

In this session, we'll highlight recent updates to the latest Microsoft Band SDK, and how to use them to use the UWP background execution model to create interactive experiences on the Microsoft Band.

Building Cross-Platform Experiences for Microsoft Band

Wearables are becoming more and more prevalent in our worlds, bringing technology to our fingertips through constant connectivity and presence awareness. Wrist-worn wearables are at the leading edge of this space and Microsoft Band is an example of how advanced technology is now found in small, wearable form factors. In this session, you will find out how you can use the tools provided by Microsoft Band, in conjunction with other technologies available, to enable rich and contextually aware scenarios for users.

Microsoft Band: Developing for Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health

Learn more about the Microsoft Health Developer Platform and the great opportunities available for developers. This presentation includes: · What is Microsoft Health Platform and how you can use the platform to create innovative experiences in the health and wearable space · How to use Microsoft Band tools. Access the Microsoft Band sensors to create relevant application and create Band tiles to increase user engagement · How to enable your service to communicate with Microsoft Health and the Microsoft Health Cloud